Saturday 30 June 2007

Free Whois Privacy at Dotster

untill July 8th, Dotster is giving free whois protection with every new domain registration. (Use coupon code FREEPRIVACY during checkout.)

Dotster (ref link).

Wednesday 27 June 2007

Google Adds Rounded Corners Option to AdSense Ads

Was Google AdSense a bit too square for you? Well, now you can opt for rounded corners.

The Google AdSense Blog announced two types of rounded corners. The first is "slightly rounded corners" and the second is "very rounded corners."

AdSense ad design turns a corner.

Blogging on auto-pilot

People often ask me how I manage to update my blogs so very often. Well i use a program called Auto Blogger Pro. It allows you to pull items from RSS feeds, modify them and republish them on your own blogs.

Tuesday 26 June 2007

With a blog, anyone can be a sports reporter

The Gazette has an interesting article about the possibilities of blogging.

Every day, 175,000 blogs are born on the Web. That’s two per second.

Thousands of these blogs belong to sports fans and sportswriters, ranging from sites such as that attract millions of visitors a month to guys in their underwear taking shots at sports personalities.

“It’s totally changing the landscape for sports fans,” said Chris Thorman

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