Thursday 9 May 2013

What's a niche? 10 Definitions

  • Seth Godin:
"if it's not mass, if it's just for some, not all, it's a niche."
  • Jeremy Jones:
"a niche is a specific target marketed topic you can become known for"
  • Content Marketing Institute:
"a niche needs to be small enough that there is the possibility to position you or your company as the leading expert in the world at that niche. Most companies go too broad with their niche (hence, not a good niche to pick). When you try to create content for everyone, you often end up being of little value to anyone."
  • John Blue is the Chief of Community Creation at Truffle Media:
"Niche for our needs are well defined groups of people interested in a similar issues or topic. For example pork producers who have more than 30,000 pigs is a very defined group of people. Niche does not necessarily mean small numbers of people. You can have a well defined group and have hundreds of thousands of people. Examples would include people interested in _just_ IU basketball, people interested in ice fishing, or people interested in cattle rodeos."
"A niche is a well-defined segment of a larger market. The more specific you are in delineating your niche audience; the easier it is to target your marketing. A niche market provides an organization with the opportunity to uniquely fulfill the needs of its members based on their interests, past behavior, social media preferences and role in the purchase process. When defining your target market, it's useful to create a marketing persona as well as a social media persona to better understand your audience and the tradeoffs they're willing to make."
"I define a niche as simply "a specialized area of interest." On the Internet, at least with my customers, I have discovered that the businesses that have a more targeted, laser-focused niche do better than those with a vague, Wal-Mart-like goal. While a niche product has a smaller potential customer base, it also has fewer competitors to rise above."
  • Jim Cockrum:
"From an online marketers perspective (my perspective specifically) a "niche" is a topic, item or concept that has the potential to be an online rallying point for those with similar interests and needs related to the given topic, item or concept. The true opportunity in niche marketing is for the leaders, mavericks, and trend setters in those niche markets. Done well, you can become a trusted source of information and leadership on virtually any topic, item or concept as long as there are others online with similar interests or curiosities."
"Niche is simply synonymous with a vertical or topic."
"A niche is a defined marketplace and targets a select segment of a larger group. In the social media sphere, a niche is a group of people that share common interests, hobbies or professional associations. Often times these special groups incorporate community guidelines. Brands can utilize niches to drill down and target consumers in less congested environments other than Facebook and Twitter, like Instagram, Pinterest and Foodspotting."
"A niche is defined as a narrow target market. I think the word niche means small and focused. A niche can be described by a variety of demographic, psychographic and geographic qualifiers. While some people might define your niche by the products or services you are selling, to me It is more about who you are selling to rather than what you are selling. A very broad niche might include a whole industry: Computer users. Automobile drivers. Architects. A narrower niche might be: First time mothers of twins with household income of over $70K."