Friday 22 March 2013

Celebrating 7 Years of Twitter

Twitter celebrates its 7th birthday with a video.

Yesterday marked seven years since Twitter's creator, Jack Dorsey, sent the very first tweet. Today Twitter has become one of the most active sites with 200 million active users sending more than 400 million tweets daily.

Use hashtag #Twitter7 to follow the celebration.

Thursday 21 March 2013

Bets of Bitcoin

Bets of Bitcoin is a prediction market. It's a site where bets are made towards the outcome of future events. The winners will get their wagers back plus earn the wagers from those who lost (less a small commission paid to the site operators).

Anyone can create a bet statement. Bets range from who will win a certain election to what the price of gold will be at the end of the month. The difference between Bets of Bitcoin and other prediction markets, such as Intrade and Betfair, is that Bets of Bitcoin is completely anonymous. To place a bet you deposit bitcoins and you get paid in bitcoins if you win.