Thursday 31 May 2012

Remove Facebook Timeline Scams Still Target Dissatisfied Users

Every time when Facebook makes a big change, a good portion of the user base freaks out for a little while and then scammers try to take advantage of that. this time it's the Facebook timeline feature. a lot of users don't like it and now scammers are targeting them with "tools to remove the timeline".

According to WebProNews:

A recent survey showed that many users (up to 88%) are concerned about their privacy with the new Timeline, and another survey suggested that an overwhelming percentage of comments surrounding the Timeline on Facebook have been negative.

No wonder scammers continue to use the timeline to target victims.

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Peter Shumlin at it again

Peter Shumlin, the no-new-tax Democratic Governor of Vermont, who signed the online affiliate tax bill (that he had indicated he would not sign) is now taxing dentists for giving away free toothbrushes to children.