Wednesday 21 November 2012 acquires vWorker

After their recent acquisition of Scriptlance, now also acquired vWorker (former Rent-a-Coder).

VWorker account holder received the following email: is proud to announce that we have just acquired vWorker, and we are delighted to welcome you to our vibrant freelancing marketplace. We have a suite of great features that will be of benefit to you, including our Rewards system and our great UI.

Our Rewards system is our way of recognising your professionalism and performance, and as you gain experience points, you will unlock unique benefits for your account, badges for your profile, and credits. Basic, Standard and Premium members can then redeem these credits for rewards, including highlighted bids, a Freelancer T-shirt, and even a Skype session with the CEO!

Our UI is clean and intuitive. Gone are the days of tearing your hair out trying to manage a project. streamlines and simplifies communication between employer and freelancer, taking the stress out of managing and working on projects.

Your vWorker account has been migrated into our marketplace. Included in this migration is your profile, balances, reputation, messages, existing and past projects, feedback, attachments and more. The migration of your feedback, attachments and past projects may take up to two weeks. During this time, your reputation may vary slightly - but after two weeks, it should very closely match the reputation you had on vWorker. We will also be giving you a unique vWorker Foundation Member badge!