Sunday 15 April 2012

One last big score for Lightspeed?

Steve Lightspeed used to be one of the big dogs in affiliate marketing. Somewhere along the line LightSpeedCash gave up on creating great content and updating their sites. The prince became an old dinosaur. And the dinosaur is looking for easy cash. He's obviously had to stop quasi blackmailing IP addresses of people alleged to be downloading his content, so now he's taking the copyright-troll route to riches. In what can only be described as a fishing expedition, Lightspeed is going after the names of 6500 internet users that supposedly shared their passwords with others. In 2000, password sharing may have been a problem for membership based sites. In 2012, password trading can easily be detected and automatically be blocked. If Lightspeed prefers to let password traders run wild so he can sue them, we must assume that Lightspeed no longer cares about it sites, but has gone in full time Troll mode.

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