Friday 31 August 2012

BitTorrent Users Beware. You Are Being Watched.

BayTSP and Peer Media, two prominent anti-piracy companies that are expected to participate in the U.S. six-strikes anti-piracy scheme are already monitoring thousands of torrent files. Statistics obtained by TorrentFreak show that BayTSP and Peer Media have been increasing their activities in recent months.

The BitTorrent activity of these two companies is three times greater than that generated by all customers of a smaller ISP such as

For years BayTSP and Peer Media have been hired by movie studios and record labels to track the IP-addresses of file-sharers so these can be reported to their Internet providers.

In the U.S. this process is about to change as it will soon be formalized with the upcoming six-strikes anti-piracy scheme. Under this mechanism customers of five large ISPs will receive so-called copyright alerts. Besides being warned, repeat infringers face a variety of punishments under the new regime including temporary Internet disconnections. The MPAA and RIAA may eventually use the collected data to sue file-sharers even though New York Judge Gary Brown has already ruled that an IP-address alone is not sufficient evidence to identify copyright infringers.

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